Introducing Shibaken Finance

Shiba Ken 芝けん ( SHIBAKEN ) is building a community-focused decentralized transaction network. SHIBAKEN is fully decentralized; built by the community.

Shibaken was a fair launch and no tokens were reserved by the creators. See our website for details.


Shibaken Finance derives it’s name from the Kai Ken breed of hunting dogs, hailing from Japan. A cousin to the Shiba Inu, Kai Ken are highly revered all over the world. The Kai Ken breed is rare, ancient and incredibly capable. While traditionally employed extensively in big game hunting, this intelligent animal is also a great protector of children and makes an excellent companion at home. These are the qualities that Shibaken Finance wishes to emulate through our philosophy of preparedness and in our effort to serve communities everywhere.


The SHIBAKEN token, launched less than 48 hours ago on Uniswap, offers meme enthusiasts a chance to participate in a forward looking opportunity to realize incredible gains, while keeping an eye on the future of finance.

The token launch — traded on Uniswap, is the first step on our way to bringing more flexibility and greater financial freedom to individuals and communities everywhere.


As a TRUE deflationary token, verifiable on etherscan, we burn tokens with every transaction, give tokens back to hodlers with every transaction, and are committed to complete transparency through the blockchain. Without these features we may be indistinguishable from the rest of the pack of memes out there. And yet, we insist on going further.

Belief in Community

At Shibaken Finance, it is our belief that long-lasting meaning is derived in community. And every community that survives and thrives, places emphasis on preparedness. In order to help all the unique communities we intend to serve, we are choosing to build an ecosystem of token-based economics, or “tokenomics”. A system that can scale across time, our tokenomics approach to community finance will be among the first for meme tokens and bring credibility to this often ridiculed sector of cryptocurrency.

Virtually every type of market economy we know of can derive benefit from a tokenized economy.

With the establishment of SHIBAKEN token, we are opening the gateway for communities everywhere to participate for the first time in history in a completely decentralized and deflationary ecosystem of tokenized economies. In part, due to it’s simplicity and fundamental resilience, our tokenized systems of value exchange ensure adaptability over time. Whatever type of market economy exists, sustainable economies require easy access to liquidity to sustain their trade networks. In an increasingly inflationary conventional economy, we recognize the kinds of economies that real communities will need, moving forward.

How It Works

Our liquidity model is based on the initial establishment of a Treasury token. Once established, the realization of a vision will be complete, and the real work can begin — namely, to provide economic freedom and opportunity for individuals and communities everywhere. And to assist and enable the establishment of sustainable communities — especially those seeking to bring energy, food, water, and housing security to underserved regions, everywhere. These aims are all part of a broader narrative and greater imperative to find acceptable solutions to the economic, social, and governance (ESG) challenges all societies are increasingly facing; in a fashion that preserves human dignity and individual sovereignty — as we understand them.

This is just the beginning. Shibaken is redefining what it means to be ‘Meme’. Shibaken is different. Shibaken matters. Shibaken cares. Shibaken is community. And Shibaken — is You!

Outlined below are the planned “next steps” for the remainder of Q2 and part of Q3.

  • Create a low emission DAO token
  • This is our governance token; known as the “Shibaken DAO Token”
  • The distribution of the DAO Token will be determined through our two-tiered Telegram groups: Sharks and Whales
  • Max Investment in DAO token:
  • Shibaken Holders: 0.1 ETH
  • Shibaken Sharks: 0.2 ETH
  • Shibaken Whales: 0.5 ETH
  • To meet the liquidity requirement on Uniswap, 20% of the DAO token will be sold to community members (max. 0.5 ETH per person)
  • From the total 20 ETH required for liquidity, 10 will be paired 1000 DAO tokens in Uniswap
  • The remaining 10 ETH will be held in a multi-sig account; establishing the foundation for a Shibaken Launchpad Ecosystem and subsequent IDO
  • Soft cap is 10 ETH
  • Hard cap is 20 ETH
  • As one of the first meme projects to establish a launchpad ecosystem, holding DAO tokens will give specific access to the IDO conducted in the launchpad
  • The establishment of our ecosystem will enable us to create greater value, through other project types; including sidechains, niche swaps, and so on.

As part of our roadmap, these technical achievements will be supplemented by ongoing development and expansion of our overall business strategy — including partnerships, social media and web; Telegram — and the all important exchange listings…it’s all part of our ambitious project development efforts.

Okay! There you have it! Now get out there and show some love to your community! The SHIBAKEN Holders, Sharks and Whales are waiting for you to join them!

Shibaken 芝けん is a token economy for communities built on the blockchain. We help raise funds for charity, and accelerate cryptocurrency adoption for business.

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