You Should Know: /u/-braydon_dustine is a scammer trying to steal your crypto through DMs.

Hey everyone.

A scammer tried to fuck me today. He sent me a DM answering a question to a post I made. I thanked him and then he sent this:


Try connecting through uniswap interface (not the exchange) Connect through the dapps Click uniswap,connect wallet Choose wallet connect then select your wallet which you will confirm with your private words to generate your QR code

dont give anyone your private words (seed words) ever.

If you click on that link (which you shouldn’t) and enter anything, this scammer will take your info.

If you see a message like this, ignore it. Don’t click on any links.

I wish I could report him to reddit but there is no option.

As the joke says: ” If a sexy girl in a bikini DMs you about crypto, you should ignore him.”

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