Will Bitcoin End The State? with Stephan Livera

“My view of rights is they are inalienable…the government does not give you rights; it’s on the government not to impinge on your rights.”
— Stephan Livera

Location: Dallas, TX
Date: Thursday 26th August
Company: The Stephan Livera Podcast and Swan International
Role: Host and Managing Director

Libertarian philosophy centres around non-aggression and defence of property rights as a foundation for organizing society. The idea that no one should take from others seems logical to most people, but it’s often hard to imagine society absent of the state.

Even amongst libertarians, there is disagreement whether to have a small government or no state at all. However, most libertarians agree that simply reducing the size of the government is an attainable step towards a better future.

So what tradeoffs would we make with less or no government, and will Bitcoin help usher in such change?

In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin Educator and MD of Swan International Stephan Livera. We discuss the foundations of libertarianism, the state’s creeping growth, and how Bitcoin will keep it in check.

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