Will Bitcoin End Central Banking? with Eric Yakes

“Now that we’ve got a technology that actually is not only immutable, but it’s better in terms of every other category for money; it’s a true innovation and the strongest sense of the word we can prioritise that as something that we should value as part of money now and we can say: ‘okay, we don’t even need this trade-off anymore,’ we’ve literally just innovated that away.”
— Eric Yakes

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Wednesday 2nd February
Company: Independent
Role: Author

The Bitcoin rabbit hole is a confusing, perplexing, and thoroughly exhilarating experience. It involves the dissolving of previous certainties and the discovery of a labyrinthine mass of revolutionary knowledge. It is a life-changing experience.

This journey necessitates one to consider profound and fundamental concepts that society has almost uniformly forgotten to question: what is the purpose of money, what is the best money, who decides this for us, what is money backed by? The process is like an awakening from a long and childish dream. The result is a realisation that the status quo should and can be changed.

Bitcoin is now ubiquitous; it is easy to forget that it is a nascent and rapidly evolving technology. Despite there being a growing library of valuable information by an illustrious collection of authors, those new to the subject often feel swamped. Particularly as there are factions within the community with sometimes conflicting views and opinions.

That is why it is valuable to have material written by people who have been on that journey of discovery, those who have had to unravel the twisted knot of diverse subjects that underpin Bitcoin: computer science, cryptography, economics, finance, banking, philosophy, civics, geopolitics, law. And perhaps most vitally, those able to provide a neutral position on Bitcoin.

In this interview, I talk to Eric Yakes, author of The 7th Property. We discuss the genesis of the book, the Federal Reserve, the role of libertarianism in our future, and the foundational and unique strengths of Bitcoin.

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