Visualize the most recent MOON transactions!

I created webpage where you can view a network graph of all the Moon transactions in the last 24 hours! It’ll update every hour automatically and can be found at

Due to the public nature of the blockchain, one can easily download transaction data and see exactly where the MOONs are flowing, which I find pretty interesting to look at. If you hover over or click a node on the visualization, labels with usernames or addresses will appear

Some Notes:

  1. I only included transactions of at least 1 Moon
  2. Size of arrow is proportional to the transaction amount (log2(amount) to be precise)
  3. Transactions to/from the burn address and mint address are excluded
  4. Transactions are aggregated. For example if I sent 5 Moons to the same address on two separate occasions, it would only appear once in the visual as a transaction of 10 moons.

Graph Visualization

Hover/Click to show labels

For those who remember, yes I created a much bigger visualization last year called MoonGraph (previous post). While that had many more transactions, it was almost unusable on mobile and I wasn’t able to update it automatically.

I plan to experiment in the future with adding more functionality like date search, tooltip hyperlink to block explorer, etc, but let me know if there’s anything (either related to the graph visual, or more broadly about moons) you think would be a good addition

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