Using my CDC Visa card for a year and a half saved me $10k

I don’t know about you all but credit cards in Europe suck compared to the USA. Our perks are minimal and it started when the EU brought in laws that limited how much credit cards could charge merchants. You’d think that this would allow merchants to lower the price of their goods but not when everyone had already gotten used to paying those prices in the first place. So we just ended up continuing to pay the higher price while losing our credit card perks like tons of points that were valuable etc. Now the cards here offer at most around 0.1% cashback equivalent on spending.

So imagine my excitement when crypto cards started coming around that allowed you to get cashback depending on how much you were willing to invest all the way up to a whopping 8% now. I was straight onto it and settled on a visa from and have been spending with it ever since. It’s a game changer. This can result in saving a lot of money when you live most of your life on a discount. Added bonus when your coins generate APY and go up over 500% after you bought them, allowing you to sell the extras you don’t need to meet the minimum stake for your reward tier.

I got my card about a year and a half ago and have been using it everywhere I can in my life. I’ve just hit over $10k saved with the card. These cards are awesome for personal finance goals and if anyone hasn’t gotten one of them yet, I’d highly recommend it. Not just CDC but other companies provide decent cards too with good cashback and other perks.


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