Truths behind crypto.

TL:DR Don’t take financial advice from influencers.

Full disclosure I am a developer for a project which I’m currently launching and want to shed some light on the crypto industry.

What is the number one thing you need to launch a project in todays crypto climate? Money.

Although this might seem obvious to most, you might be surprised what money can actually do.

Did you know when you look at trending on nearly every website Dex tools, CMC etc the projects you see are actually paying to be there.

If you see someone tweet about a project, paid for.

If you see a project on Reddit which is trending, paid for . Why does the level of untrue representations piss me off enough to write about it? I hate seeing these shit coins which are run by the same groups of people recycled 100s of times over. Is crypto about solving problems or is it about rinsing unsuspecting investors?

When I hear “devs last project went 10X” I don’t understand how people don’t read that as, “dev rinsed a load of people and now is doing it again” if someone believes in something why would they be on to the next weeks later?

I started with an idea which I truly believe in which is to solve issues that the general public will face and to unite the real world with crypto. After the hours and hours of time I put in to all aspects of my project when it came to launch I thought people would be ripping my arm off to have a project which was new and unique. Turns out no one cares. Unless you have money to pay for people to tweet, groups to shill, trending services and all the rest of it, your done.

Why it blows my mind the depth of the deception is that when I would hear people talk about a project or a vision I believed that these people wanted to solve issues, grow crypto and fight back against a corrupt system. It turns out we’re actually all part of a bent system.

Crypto to me was so exciting because it made me believe that we could get away from our current financial system and have the ability to not get shafted from every angle. After the last few months I’ve come to realise there’s no escaping it. People that “influence” don’t give a shit about you or your money. Their vision is rinse repeat and fuck those who get fucked.

I hope that if you read this you can take away some information that isn’t talked about. So next time you look at the trending projects remember they’re there because they paid for it, not because they are being blown up by interested people. Next time you see an influencer talking about a project remember they have just made 000s from speaking about it and also have got their bag ready to drop on you like a sack of dicks.

When you see an account with 000s of followers, it doesn’t mean they’re real. Twitter, instagram, Telegram etc are all very easy to manipulate. Do what you will with this but I felt like I had to share it as it might just stop someone from investing in a shit project which will be rebranded something else 2 weeks later and help open peoples eyes to real projects with purpose.

Let’s talk in the comments I’m interested to get other perspectives ✌️

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