This Noble Family’s Art Was Taken by Nazis, But Is Being Saved by NFTs

The House of Lobkowicz has managed thousands of pieces of art and cultural artifacts, such as hand-annotated manuscripts by Mozart and Beethoven, for hundreds of years. Their collections were confiscated under Nazi and Communist regimes but were returned roughly 30 years ago. Now, the family intends to preserve, study, and share the collection with the world — and is using NFTs to make that happen. Hear how Will Lobkowicz, director of digital media & innovation for House of Lobkowicz, and Michelle Choi, NFT strategist, used NFTs to raise funds to maintain and preserve this collection. Show topics:

  • the Lobkowicz story of how a Bohemian noble family ended up in charge of a 20,000-piece collection spanning 100 different locations
  • how William and Michelle started working together
  • what effect COVID-19 had on the House of Lobkowicz’s preservation efforts
  • how Michelle and William formulated their plan for NFCastle from Michelle’s garage
  • what Michelle and William learned from interviewing hundreds of people in the NFT space
  • why Michelle thinks blockchain is an improvement upon the traditional art world’s use of physical ledger systems
  • William and Michelle’s favorite NFT projects from NFCastle
  • what projects the money raised from NFCastle will restore for the House of Lobkowicz
  • what William and Michelle learned from hosting NFCastle
  • how NFCastle went about determining royalties for secondary sales for their NFTs
  • what’s next for NFCastle

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