This little 💩 is running a crypto scam on snapchat targeting young women.

I’ve reported this guy arthurinvests to snapchat.

I am a girl and follow some female influencers on there. These girls probably get hundreds of thousands if not millions of views. I’d imagine the majority are from a younger, female demographic.

On a few accounts now I’ve seen these women promoting this a-hole Arthurinvests’ account saying what a great trader he is and how much money he’s made for them. I don’t like to make assumptions but I can tell these girls don’t know much about crypto or trading in general. Their main content is beauty/fashion/lifestyle stuff and this would be the ONLY post I’ve seen regarding crypto or trading. Most of the girls have replies turned off so you can’t message them to tell them they’re promoting a scam, or if their replies are on then they likely won’t see or open it if I try to message them. Maybe they’re complicit in it but I have no way of knowing. More likely they’re just trying to get paid for promoting and aren’t aware.

I added the fuck nut and immediately received messages from him asking if I wanted to invest “risk free”. On his profile he has a bunch of videos promoting his extravagant lifestyle as a supposed multi millionaire. All the videos are giving me tinder swindler vibes and likely aren’t even his. Fuck this guy.

I played dumb and sure enough he wants you to send him crypto which his “team” will pump up and return the funds to you and while retaining 10% of the gains. Blah blah blah eventually I told him what a piece of shit scum bag I think he is and reported him to snapchat. Hopefully snapchat does something about it.

TLDR; pea brain loser can’t find a better way to earn an income other than crypto scams on snapchat

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