The Threat of Peak Centralisation with Mark Moss

“When I turned 18 and I could vote my dad told me just always remember one thing: every new law whether it’s good or bad is less freedom… I would always err to the side of allowing other people to make decisions for themselves, because what I see today is these leaders think – and they’ve openly said it – that you’re not smart enough to make decisions on your own, and I think that’s wrong.”
— Mark Moss

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Thursday 3rd February
Project: Market Disrupters Live
Role: Market Analyst

In the last show with Mark Moss, we discussed how society is currently at a rare confluence of 3 revolutionary cycles: political/social/cultural, technological, and financial. In this show, we expand on that thesis by discussing the ramifications of living in an age of great disruption. An age when the previous solid principles underpinning the organisation of operation of society are in flux. 

Truly revolutionary questions that were assumed until recently to have been settled are now being seriously considered as being up for debate. What role, if any, should the state have? How should rules and regulations be determined, implemented, and policed? How can individuals act against the forces of centralization? Can we find truth in this post-fact world?

These questions are being debated as some believe monumental change within society is around the corner: we’re at peak centralisation and could be approaching a ‘Blow-Off Top’. Discordant forces will stretch and meld society into new shapes. Those not prepared will have their futures mapped out for them by others who are.

Those who are self-sufficient will be best placed to react to this changing world; Bitcoin is the means by which people will be able to have geographic freedom so they can escape coercion. Bitcoin is also the basis for helping like-minded groups to mould a new future.   

In this interview, I talk to the serial entrepreneur and market analyst Mark Moss. We discuss peak centralization, the role of a state, the balkanization of society, the need for transparency and truth, and how Bitcoin enables people to free themselves from the tyranny of place.

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