The mindset of “I should have sold this or bought that, I regret this or that” is not good if you are in the crypto world.

Just as you have many ups and downs in your life, so you will have many ups and downs in the crypto market.

The “I should have done this or that” mentality is not good if you trade cryptocurrencies.

If you missed some coin that pumped a lot, stop thinking about it.

There are still many more coins on which you can take a good profit.

My humble advice:

There is no need to stress yourself further because of your decisions. If you can’t control your emotions then I recommend you do what I do too, and that is DCA and HODL.

If you regret some of your decisions, consider whether you can predict the future? If you can then you will become a millionaire within a month. And since you probably can’t, then you shouldn’t get upset about things you can’t change.

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