The Financial Reset with John Mauldin

“Right now everybody wants the government to be really big, and we don’t want to pay for it, and that’s not going to get resolved until we have a crisis.”
— John Mauldin

Location: Remotely
Date: Tuesday 7th September
Project: Mauldin Economics
Role: Analyst, Author

In Ray Dalio’s excellent video How The Economic Machine Works, he explains the concept of long-term debt cycles. This framework can shed light on where we have been economically, and where we might be going.

With debt and spending soaring, and no sign of austerity, we may be approaching the conclusion of a long-term debt cycle. Whether you call it a cycle, or a “reset,” in the end it means there may be some kind of great restructuring.

The only thing that seems to be clear, is what we are doing today is not sustainable.

So how can we get to the other side? And what do we have to be optimistic about?

In this interview I talk to author and economic analyst John Mauldin. We discuss current labor shortages, crises and antifragility, and the looming global debt problem.

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