The Bitcoin Honey Badger Voting Bloc

The potential voting force of Bitcoiners should not be underestimated by those looking to the future.

Throw 100 cyber-hornets into a voting booth and they will sting each other to death with 100 viewpoints. Throw 100 cyber-hornets into a room with a Bitcoin-hater like Nassim Taleb (who personally attacks Lyn Alden???) and we will sting him to insanity. That’s the power we have if we become a singular force for advancing Bitcoin. Enough with the Red versus Blue. It’s time for the Orange Party.

“Fix the Money, Fix the World.” Well, our politicians want us focused on the minutiae of fixing the world while they degrade our money and steal our wealth.

FULL STOP. Let’s fix the money first, then we can get back to bickering about red versus blue policies. Just maybe, in the process of fixing the money we may find out that many of the policies we fought over have resolved themselves or have had their impacts reduced. Just maybe, our society can become more civil in the process. How do we get there?

“Bitcoin” needs to act like a honey badger, not just in the monetary and network arenas but also in the political field of battle. The reason an animal shows its force prior to conflict is to demonstrate the pain that might befall its aggressor if an attack is undertaken. If cooler heads don’t prevail, both can be wounded and, in some cases, mortally so. Therefore, most animal engagements start and end with these modes of communication – snarls and aggression displays.

What am I saying here? We don’t need Karens screeching into the phone demanding to speak with their senator. What we need is 10,000 Chads and Staceys calmly explaining to their senators the virtues of innovation, human freedoms, and financial inclusivity. Our snarl is to make them hear your reasoned arguments. Our aggressive display is to make them understand you will donate to those that back Bitcoin, irrespective of political affiliation.

That’s right, irrespective of political affiliation. This will imprint into their brains that we are political mercenaries that will flow money into the coffers of Bitcoin-friendly politicians. That’s the way to make this go bipartisan faster.

Look at the “infrastructure” bill’s waste and payouts to buy votes. This bill was written by lobbyists and paid for by our future. 

We don’t have an army of lobbyers yet, but what we do have is an estimated 46 million Americans that own bitcoin. 

Granted, most probably don’t have the passion or knowledge we have, but as Number Go Up Technology takes off they will be forced to care. We need politicians to understand now that when they threaten Bitcoin miners, developers, wallets, and nodes, then they threaten ALL OF US.

When a honey badger is threatened, it SHOWS its aggressor that it means business and backs it up, tearing the aggressor apart without remorse. It’s time we show our politicians what we are.







Andy Edstrom is showing the way.

This is a guest post by Bitcoin&Bald. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.