The Bitcoin Brain with Tomer Strolight

“Everything in the system is self-regulating and self-adjusting, and it’s decentralised and autonomous, and we can see these phenomena much better in nature than we can in human-made entities; Bitcoin is a lot more like an organism than it is like a company or a government.”
— Tomer Strolight

Location: Remote
Date: Sunday 28th November
Role: Writer

The modern capitalist system is based on centralised and hierarchical structures of control. Bitcoin is a divergent innovation, structured to be decentralised. Progress is made through consensus, which forgoes the need to know or trust any of the parties involved.

This can be an anathema to some people who are introduced to Bitcoin. They can not conceptualise how such a system can operate. This is partly because there has not been a great history of decentralised governance systems in modern societies. 

Part of the issue may also be how people conceptualise Bitcoin. Trying to frame it around man-made systems may be a fool’s errand.

Is it better to compare it to less understood yet ubiquitous biological systems, specifically the human brain?

In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin writer Tomer Strolight. We discuss how Bitcoin is analogous to the human brain, the organisation of decentralised systems, and the emergent nature of consciousness.

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