SOB: How Far We’ve Come (And How Much Stayed the Same)

Today’s show is from a time before the trillion (or even billion) dollar market cap; Before Vitalik had ever spoken the word Ethereum; Before taproot, segwit, stock-to-flow and the institutional investing thesis. In the early days, Bitcoin was the absolute state of the art and the basis for an entirely new and utterly revolutionary form of technology. In this episode you’ll get a peek at how we discussed it before everything that would happen had happened.

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Original show notes for episode 14 – In Search of Goldilocks

  • Listener mail: “Microtransaction powered social networks”
  • Constance Choi, legal council at payward brings us up to speed on DC, Fincen & Treasury
  • The retroactive Bitcoin paywall
  • Counterintuitive: Smaller amounts equal larger transactions?
  • 1 Megabyte blocks, good or bad?
  • Who needs banks? Zach Harvey of the Lamassu bitcoin vending machine
  • Full node clients vs. lite clients: Are federated servers the future?

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Today’s episode art is a screenshot from’s historical tool, modified by Speaking of Bitcoin

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