Should Yuga Labs Have Charged More For Its Otherside NFTs?

Eric Golden, the owner of BAYC #7560 and host of Web3 Breakdowns, discusses the Otherdeed NFT drop that stalled Ethereum and burned over $150 million worth of ether. Show topics:

  • what the Otherdeed mint is 
  • Why Yuga Labs had buyers undergo a know-your-customer process in order to mint the NFTs
  • why Eric was pretty certain a gas war was imminent in the hours leading up to the mint
  • how KYC’d addresses played into the Otherdeed mint
  • what Eric thought about Yuga Labs’s decision to scrap a Dutch auction in favor of a flat minting price
  • why Eric does not believe Yuga Labs purposefully botched their smart contract, as many in the Ethereum community alleged
  • why Eric was frustrated with Yuga Labs’s response on Twitter to the mint 
  • why Eric does not think Otherside needs its own chain
  • what effect the Otherdeed mint is having on other Yuga Labs-adjacent assets like ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • what Kodas are and why they are trading for tens of thousands of dollars
  • why Eric is confident that Yuga Labs is well-positioned to follow through on their promises to build out a metaverse game

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