NEW MONEY: So You Want to Be in Entertainment? Exploring Hollywood’s Biggest Challenges

“The sooner you hop on, the better,” Biddl3 says.

In this episode of “New Money,” hosts Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay are joined by recording artists Biddl3, actress GG Townson and producer Carey. The three explain their corners of the entertainment world, contributing their unique views on the challenges of the industry. 

The guests see social media as a powerful tool to advance their careers and reach worldwide audiences. They aren’t afraid of new technologies, either: Biddl3 believes that those who “are ahead of the curve, or are quick to adapt, are the ones who succeed” when it comes to the rapidly advancing tech of communication in the modern era of social media.

If these three recognize the utility and power of social media for their professions, will they be equally accepting of the advancements that crypto and blockchain technology can provide to fan-creator relationships?

Watch the full episode here.

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