NEW MONEY: Playing to Win – How Gamers Are Using Crypto and Where the Market Is Going

Gamers have been familiar with online marketplaces and in-game currencies for years now. They’ve been exchanging fiat currencies for digital, in-game money, character skins, mods, all tools to enhance the gaming experience.

Maybe that’s why the gaming community is uniquely primed to take on crypto. Popular gaming experts Denver Moore, known as “That Denver Guy,” and Cole Rodey from The Rodey Bros join forces on this episode of “New Money” with Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay to discuss the lifestyle, hustle and future of gaming. The two exchange stories of their triumphs and struggles throughout their streaming journeys and reveal their thoughts on crypto.

Crypto and blockchain technology can bring new and much-needed opportunities for streamers to connect with their worldwide fanbase in unique ways. Is the global network of creators ready to embrace all that crypto offers?

Watch the full episode here.

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