NEW MONEY: Music Meets Money – How R&B Legend Mario Is Getting the Bag

Blockchain tech is enabling direct fan-to-artist relationships and can bring the power back to the artists.

If you’re a big artist signed to a big label, there’s a high chance that label will have significant control over your music, production, tours, releases and more. R&B legend Mario knows this better than anyone because he’s recently transitioned from a major label to working as an independent artist.

Mario joins “New Money” hosts Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay to pull the curtain back on the inner workings of the music industry, revealing the secrets of streaming, music rights and the problems that come with the centralization of music.

Blockchain technology might just present a solution for artists. Mario envisions a future where a label or social media platform cannot limit or control the income of the creators. The question remains: How soon can artists expect this future?

Instagram: @marioworldwide

Watch the full episode here.

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