NEW MONEY: How Crypto Is Accelerating the Creator Economy

Social media has given individuals new ways to connect with a global audience. These influencers are using that reach to inspire and encourage their followers.

Joining “New Money” hosts Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay are Naya Rose, basketball non-profit organizer and influencer; Jake Bain, LGBT advocate and football player; and Chef Hoppie, celebrity chef for pro athletes like the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliot. Though each influencer’s domain is very different from the others, they all share a similar goal: to use their social currency to inspire the next generation.

The influencers each encourage their followers to “be yourself in your full capacity,” as Naya puts it, and to believe in their dreams. The guests lead by example and use their platforms to spread messages encouraging their followers to be their truest selves, no matter what. How can this kind of encouragement be improved by crypto and blockchain technology as the concept of peer-to-peer is taken to the next level?

Watch the full episode here.

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