NBA Star Lebron James to educate the general population about Web 3

The Lebron James Foundation and have announced a partnership to pilot an initiative that will teach blockchain, cryptocurrency and Web 3. In total 1602 underserved students and their families around the world will get the benefit from this partnership.

NBA star and Lebron James Family Foundation ambassador LeBron James has announced a partnership with to teach students about blockchain and the like. The program reaches 1,600 students across Akron’s I Promise School and around the world.

The partnership with Akron includes training opportunities and will be extended to the families of students. This is a result of Akron’s holistic approach, focusing on children, siblings and parents in order to build stronger families.

Lebron James shared that the reason for partnering with Intel was to make sure communities like his are outfitted with the latest information about technology.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world, and how we engage with one another. I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind, said Lebron James.

The partnership will provide students and families connected to the program access to tools and educational resources about Web 3. The Foundation went on to say that James is creating a model that will support underserved communities by providing opportunities for more high-tech courses, including blockchain.

The partnership also aims to provide students and families with the support they need through Web3. Additionally, it will talk about how decentralized applications will have an impact on the future.

Through this partnership, I promise students and families will get a strong foundation in Web3 and the innovations behind blockchain-based decentralized applications powering the future of many sectors from finance to media to art, said Lebron James.

The Foundation has not disclosed the terms of this deal, however, it sounds like there is more than one year’s worth of collaboration planned. Previously, Goodyear taught students about driving and flying (which is also known as aerospace).