MWEB Progress Update Thread

Hello @David, I heard the podcast you have been interviewed and also the presentation on Stanford. First of all, thanks. I think you and Charlie are admirable.

Also, as I have understood a little bit more (as I am not technical on aspects of cryptography) you are implementing a sidechain with MWEB using elliptic curves. That means the validation of transactions inside MWEB will occur inside MWEB thought Consensus rules .

That said, I suppose simpler implementations of MWEB could just transact inside sidechain without the ability to pegin and pegout. Right?

I mean if will be possible to write some specific piece of code (to use on regular day-to-day transactions for example) to run on my cellphone, so I could receive funds inside MW, to buy ice-cream and pay the cinema without disclosing how many LTC I own, and then get the change back to another wallet without the effort to have to peg-in and peg-out while I’m on the street.

Have I understood correctly?