Meet the Taco Plebs – Bitcoin Doesn’t Have to be Complicated with Nameless

Bitcoin can be a daunting thing to learn about. It involves the study of several different fields, from computer science to economics. At Bitcoin Magazine, we always hope to be able to educate our readers on the basics of Bitcoin. We offer a guides section, and have a large selection of books in our store. One of my parts about the magazine are contributor articles designed to simplify complex ideas. Nameless, one of our contributors here at the magazine, has sent in several of these articles, including ‘œA Gentle Introduction To The Lightning Network,’ ‘œSo, What Are Bitcoin Miners Actually Doing?’ and ‘œAn Overview Of Bitcoin’s Cryptography.’

All of these articles are extremely high quality, and they take some of the more difficult to grasp subjects in Bitcoin and simplify them for the reader.