I’ve read stories (assuming the majority of you as well) where a person put $100 into Doge or Shib and made $200k, but we never remind ourselves or the 100,000 plus people who invest $1k and it dwindles to $15

I constantly see YouTubers posting videos “100xxx gainz!!! Jump in!” Then the stories where some kid pulled their life savings and tossed it into a memecoin and made millions.. but we are just now hearing about people’s personal experiences where they invested $1,000’s and are left with $20ish.

You NEVER hear about the guy who put in $10k into a memecoin ($ELON) but can’t cash out due to low liquidity..

New year, new you. Over 15,000 different crypto’s out there, be patient and DYOR. Don’t fomo. Selection and survivorship bias is a real thing.

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