Intelli Network: Anonymous Decentralized Crime Intelligence

Traditional crime reporting is a process with a critical flaw: there is no direct feedback of information from the black box of law enforcement to the citizens reporting crimes. This means that the statistics and real-time reporting from law enforcement can be altered in ways that can cloud the reality of those statistics and reports. In order to address this disconnect in communication, direct and immediate feedback on reports must be implemented to eliminate these inefficiencies associated with traditional response systems. This is the foundation of the Intelli Network: a decentralized application for the future of peer-to-peer intelligence sharing, built on a DLT network. Intelli accelerates the gathering and sharing of public safety intelligence by offering tools and services that save both time and resources while keeping users anonymous, safe, and tamper-proof in a censorship-resistant way. The Intelli Network creates a practical and easy way to monitor your environment, working intelligently to allow you to keep your wits about you.

The Intelli Network is a user-friendly application, that utilizes peer-to-peer intelligence sharing to maintain a database of information, disseminated through the app in real-time. The Intelli token is a utility token used in the network to facilitate the decentralization of intelligence sharing. Token holders will be able to access hourly updated summarized crime reports for their location, viewed on a convenient, easy-to-use map updated in real-time. The Intelli token is also used as a transactional piece for unidentified users who provide usefully and verified crime reporting. Users providing reports will be allocated an amount of Intelli tokens to their Intelli Wallet, which will vary according to a particular group of metrics, creating an economy incentivizing reports for any and all crime as well as public safety concerns that may normally go unreported, unrecognized, and therefore unaddressed.

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In addition to empowering your immediate safety, the Intelli Network also builds toward a more transparent accountability system for those tasked with logging and reporting crime events and the professionals entrusted with responding to and preventing those events. The platform is built on a DLT network meaning every record is auditable and immutable – effectively preventing censorship or misrepresentation of data. The protection of anonymity also provides peace of mind for those who may normally feel uncomfortable or unsafe reporting a crime due to fears of retaliation or negative response. This also means that Intelli Network will be especially helpful to economically depressed or disadvantaged areas which often have increased averages of crime.

The Calgary-based Intelli Network team is supported in partnership with the Calgary Innovation Coalition and is engaged with private intelligence professionals, law enforcement, and community stakeholders in Calgary Alberta, where the Intelli Network has been testing its prototype since October 2018 ahead of a Q2 2019 official launch date.