I’m confident that when crypto crashes, it comes back

Preface: I won’t mention timeframe as to when the market bounces back, because no one can predict time. So I’m not saying to YOLO in now, and get rich in a few months.

Bitcoin has been here since its inception in 2009. It has gone through tons of turbulence, and during its history, it has bounced back. If you’re invested in Bitcoin, it’s extremely unlikely it’ll come back to zero. It recovers.

  • It bounced back quickly during the pandemic, when the world was going to absolute dumpster. One would think that Bitcoin would keep falling, yet it found support, and went up months later, even DURING the pandemic.
  • Human greed: people want to make money. Whales want money. Even after pulling out, there’s a period where humans forget about the negative things about crypto, and FOMO back in to make money again

If we get a WW3, yes, crypto would dump. But it’ll come back again after war recovery (errr, if we don’t go full on nuclear).

The economy is a cycle. Up and down, till the end of human civilization, when the Sun burns out.

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