I took my crypto off Coinbase today, I’m now the proud owner of a hardware wallet. I feel so relaxed now I have control of my coins

After the recent market turmoil I became anxious that Coinbase might collapse and I’d lose my Bitcoin.

The Coinbase share price has fallen from $345 to only $53 in six months. Although unlikely, it’s possible that Coinbase will go out of business and everyone who holds their crypto on the exchange will lose everything.

The idea of losing all my Bitcoin really made me feel very uneasy, the solution was obvious, get a hardware wallet.

Setting up the Ledger Nano S was easy and transferring my BTC liberating, I can feel a weight lifted from my shoulders knowing I now have full control of my keys and my crypto.

If anyone is wondering ‘what happens if Ledger go out of business?’ fear not! If Ledger did i go out of business, neither your cryptocurrency nor your private and public keys would disappear. You are totally safe.

Do not trust someone else to look after your crypto, the unthinkable could happen!

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