I consistently invest more than I can afford to lose

I’m in this for life changing gains (life changing meaning simply paying off a house + student loans… I dont want a Lambo or Rolexes tbh).

Investing a couple hundred $$ isn’t going to do much for me, best case scenario it will multiply to $2000-$5000 in a bull-run scenario. Cool, but we can’t really do much with that in this economy. Therefore, I invest a huge chunk of savings and disposable income.

I figure.. with the way the economy is going, most aren’t going to be able to retire on our 401K anyway. So might as well put it to great use.

When the price dips massively like this past month, I use personal loans to buy more dip than I can afford (I always pay it off in-full on the next check).

Technically.. this counts as investing more than you can afford to lose, but the alternative is working until 60-70 and still not having enough $ for retirement due to wages not increasing compared to cost of living, unchecked inflation, + Blackrock & Zillow buying up all the housing, which will make people permanent renters

If the market crashes and corrects -40%+ again, it’ll simply be a Forced HODL situation. In which I will acquire more coin in hopes of another price-run. I’m an irresponsible investor

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