How Yield Guild Games Is Revolutionizing the Future of Work and Investment

Gabby Dizon, cofounder of Yield Guild Games, discusses his background in gaming, why he started Yield Guild Games, the performance of Axie Infinity, and more. Show topics:

  • how Gabby fell down the crypto rabbit hole
  • what inspired Gabby to co-found Yield Guild Games
  • what Yield Guild Games does
  • how blockchain games improve upon games in the traditional world
  • a real-life story of Yield Guild Games improving a player’s life
  • why it’s difficult for Yield Guild Games players to cash out earnings and how Yield Guild Games is trying to solve this issue via a partnership with XLD
  • why Gabby thinks the value of $SLP in Axie Infinity is dropping
  • what sort of game and tokenization mechanisms work best for blockchain games
  • why Gabby wants a new Ethereum token standard
  • what Gabby thinks makes an in-game NFT valuable
  • why Axie Infinity is popular in the Philippines and Venezuela 
  • where Yield Guild Games is attempting to expand next
  • how Yield Guild Games built out the tokenomics for YGG, the guild’s native token
  • what Gabby thinks about P2E games on chains outside of Ethereum
  • how Yield Guild Games is decentralizing 
  • how blockchain games are changing the nature of work 
  • what sort of jobs exist in the metaverse
  • why Gabby buys NFTs
  • Gabby’s crypto prediction for 2022

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Episode Notes

Gabby Dizon — cofounder at Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games


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