Here’s how you can earn cryptocurrency rewards through these NFT Games

In most games, virtual items stay within that ecosystem. There’s nothing else you could really do with them at that point. If a gamer’s account gets disabled, stolen, or the user just moves on to another game, the money they spent would be lost. However, with NFTs, players own them. They can sell these assets, level them up, and mash them up to create new ones as well. So, it really gives the players a lot of freedom to build, play, and earn.

We can no longer ignore digital assets in gaming, and game developers are including the functionality to tokenize in-game digital assets in their products. So, here are 5 NFT games that you can play and earn cryptocurrency rewards:


  1. Gods Unchained: Gods Unchained, launched in September 2020, is a card game that combines NFT components with a traditional card trading game. Players have to win matches to get high-ranking cards from other players. The high-quality cards can then be traded for cryptocurrencies on the platform’s marketplace. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so, players complete transactions on Ether. 
  2. Sorare: This game is for the soccer fans out there. Sorare is a fantasy soccer game where players have to purchase, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team. The game was developed in 2018 and represents players via digital cards built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can earn either cash or Ether crypto by creating a team using football player cards and participating in competitions. Players are rewarded with Ether tokens as prizes in this game. Ether is the second-most valued cryptocurrency worldwide.
  3. Evolution Land: This is a new-world game that has 26 continents contained by the elements of land, gold, water, fire, wood, and silicon. Players have to indulge in activities like mining, construction, and science in a player-versus-player format. Players require to create crypto wallets to send, receive, and manage crypto assets from other players, as well as in the form of game rewards.
  4. F1 Delta Time: F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum-based car racing game in which players need to collect cars, components, drivers, and trinkets as fungible tokens. They are small and divisible tokens that can potentially be used to make larger crypto amounts. Moreover, the game components can be sold as NFTs which you can either hold onto or sell for Ether values.
  5. Zed Run: Zed Run is a horse riding NFT game. Players need to purchase the NFT cards of their choice of horse. Players can make substantial profits by winning race completions and trading their NFTs for cryptocurrencies.