Here are the stats on just how badly some people are shitposting

We’ve all seen posts and graphs on r/CryptoCurrency growth and moon distrubtions but here are some stats that will show just how badly the shitposting has gotten.

Subscribers 3,350,647

Rank 104

Comments Per Day 70614

Rank 2

Comments Per Subscriber 0.000878

Rank 664

Posts Per Day 1702

Rank 9

Posts Per Subscriber 0.000021

Rank 1129

r/CryptoCurrency ranks 2nd in all of reddit for comments per day yet the average comments per subscriber is a puny 0.000878 which shows a small minority are making all the comments. It’s a similar story with posts. r/CryptoCurrency is 9th for posts yet the average posts per subscriber is 0.000021. In conclusion a small portion of this sub is practially creating all the comments and posts

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reposted due to formatting (need to increase our sub posting rank am I right?)

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