Gemini And Brave Browser Integration Suffer Hiccups At Launch

Brave Browser’s, the privacy-oriented web browser, recent integration with the US crypto exchange suffered a few hiccups at launch.

Problems to Work Out

Brave Browser’s move to integrate with Gemini has been applauded by many crypto experts, considering that BATs haven’t exactly had much of a purpose – other than to reward people for viewing ads on the Brave browser. Partnering with a major exchange and expanding functionality are two surefire ways to increase adoption for an asset.

Despite the rationale behind this integration, its rollout has also been quite shaky. Earlier today, several Brave Rewards users posted complaints about the integration, with some claiming that their wallet balances immediately went to $0 after they synced both accounts.

An administrator eventually posted a plea message, asking customers to be patient as they suffered from high transaction volumes and lagging transactions. The administrator added that all funds are safe and that the developers are working on a quick solution.

BAT Users Can Now Sync With Gemini Accounts

Earlier this week, the Gemini exchange announced that it had partnered with Brave to allow users to deposit the latter’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) straight to its wallets. In an announcement, Gemini explained that BAT holders will now be able to deposit the BATs they earn directly into their Gemini wallets.

The announcement explained that this new move marks another phase of the partnership between Brave and Gemini, which started last year. At the time, Brave Creators were given access to dedicated crypto wallets, while Gemini also added its Gemini Trading Widget to the Brave browser itself. With the new integration, both partners are allowing BAT holders to do even more.

“Once you connect your Brave Rewards wallet to Gemini, you can spend your BAT with Gemini Payat participating retailers. Customers in the U.S. and Singapore can also move BAT into Gemini Earn and earn up to 3.49% APY* on their holdings,” the announcement explained.

At the same time, users will be able to link their Brave Rewards wallets to both new and existing Gemini accounts. One Gemini account will be able to connect up to four Brave Rewards wallets. When a user gets a BAT payout, the funds are immediately sent to their Gemini account deposits.

The integration is designed to make it easier for Brave Rewards users to get their BAT and use them. Instead of just converting the tokens for cash now, they can be traded on Gemini for several other coins or used for other purposes.

Basic Attention Token BAT
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