Fans lash at star Brie Larson for purchasing and promoting NFTs

The controversies surrounding NFTs and the backlash celebrities face from it, can be witnessed in the recent lash from fans to Brie Larson on NFTs

Following Matt Damon’s unimpressive advertising for Cryptocurrencies during NFL games, Marvel Studios star Brie Larson became the latest celebrity to join the NFT game, and she has been faced with swift outrage. The 32-year-old actress said on Twitter that she had acquired an NFT from the Flower Girls collection, which consists of 10,000 NFTs and donates a part of all purchases to “a variety of children’s organizations.” Despite this message, Larson’s admission that she bought one enraged Marvel fans, who made it evident to her.

Larson acquired her NFT for 0.725 ETH, which works out to roughly $2,700, on the OpenSea platform, one of the largest marketplaces for NFTs in the United States, but the NFT has already been transferred to another user. On the other hand, Larson still has a few additional NFTs in her collection.

Several celebrities and companies have attempted to cash in on the growing popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in recent months, including both Marvel and DC Comics, which have sparked a backlash from critics who claim that such technologies are harming the planet and exacerbating climate problems. Gizmodo writes a detailed explainer on the same and states, “Without major overhauls to how tokens are created and sold, critics warn, it could ultimately help foist untold horrors on the biosphere and, by extension, humanity.

Last year, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer clarified the situation by tweeting that the larger rush to NFTs and Crypto “leverages a network of shady business connections, bought influencers and pay-for-play media outlets to perpetuate a cult-like ‘get rich quick’ funnel designed to extract new money from the financially desperate and naive.”

Brie Larson and her rise to fame as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel may be new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she has already established herself as a major player. Carol Danvers has appeared in three Marvel Studios films as a leading lady and a supporting character among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU. Larson’s future trajectory is shaping to be higher, farther, and faster, despite just making two appearances in the MCU’s Infinity Saga.

Larson will feature opposite Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani in The Marvels, a sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel that brings her space-based hero together with other upgraded members of the Captain Marvel family in 2023. Carol Danvers’ DNA will be embedded in future Disney+ episodes Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion, in addition to her announced presence in the 2023 team-up. While Larson’s MCU future beyond The Marvels is unknown, she has stated that she plans to continue enacting the heroic life for many years to come.