Experts say Bitcoin will hit $100k by 2021.

By experts, of course I mean the members of this subreddit.

Now that we know for sure when it will hit $100k, it’s time to take out a loan whilst being unemployed and FOMO it all into Bitcoin. Not only that, but let’s talk to everyone we know and convince them to FOMO all their money in Bitcoin. What could go wrong, we have the word of experts.

Honestly though, I’m already seeing articles about how Bitcoin will hit $100k by the end of 2022 and it feels like the same thing again that happened last year, namely, people expecting crazy gains because Bitcoin has moved up like 5%.

And this again will cause people invest in Bitcoin and expect to be rich by the end of the year, which is very unlikely, so they’ll definitely be disappointed. I would say that we shouldn’t really care how much Bitcoin will be this week, this month, or even this year. Why look at short term? Not like short term works with Bitcoin, because it’s become a little stable compared to alts, and even they’re not as volatile anymore to get you a lot of profits short term.

Bitcoin won’t get you rich Short term, it’s best to have patience and invest and wait. No, Waiting doesn’t mean checking the charts every second of the day, simply DCA if you already do or forget about your investment. Patience does pay off.

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