Exactly 7 weeks ago most of this sub thought we were in the Bear Market and Bitcoin would crash to $20k (some even thought $10k was possible)

Not even 2 months ago, on July 19th, everyone was freaking out.

Bitcoin was $30,500

Ethereum was $1,780

Polkadot was $11.50

Chainlink was $15.25

Solana was $25.50


Bitcoin is $51,500

Ethereum is $3,930

Polkadot is $34.50

Chainlink is $35

Solana is $160

Things change very quickly in crypto markets. Usually when the media is telling you one thing, you should at least be thinking from a contrarian viewpoint. Something that one boomer said about being greedy/fearful when other’s are fearful/greedy ring a bell?

I’m not saying you should sell now. I sold about 20% of my position. I DCA in and DCA out. Good luck. Just wanted to share this perspective as just some weeks ago people thought we were done for and now euphoria is setting back in.

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