Ethics of Bitcoin Maximalism with Pete Rizzo

“Humanity has generally progressed by moving through shifts in thought, there was the renaissance, there was the enlightenment, there was the dark ages, and now we live in fiat land…Bitcoin is the reaction to that, bitcoin will fix that problem.”
— Pete Rizzo

Location: New York
Date: Wednesday 27th October
Company: Kraken & Bitcoin Magazine
Role: Editor

The role of Bitcoin maximalism is a hugely divisive topic. As a decentralised network, Bitcoin has no leaders or spokespeople to counter false information or fend off an attack.

In the absence of leaders, bitcoiners from all over have become an important immune system for the network. They protect the protocol from bad actors, false narratives and prevent anyone from gaining too much influence over the network.

This has proved highly effective and has been key throughout the history of Bitcoin. Most notably during the scaling wars that culminated in 2017.

However, for all the good toxic maximalism has done, it can, at times, go too far. But in a world headed to hyperbitcoinisation, is Bitcoin maximalism an important ethical stand to take?

In this interview, I talk to Pete Rizzo, the Editor at Kraken & Bitcoin Magazine. We discuss the ethics of bitcoin maximalism, its role in protecting bitcoin, and the path to hyperbitcoinisation.

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