Ethereum balance on exchanges reaches 3 year low!! Bullish AF

Here is the Tweet. If that doesn’t make you bullish, I don’t know what will. People keep taking Ethereum of exchanges, even tho we’re close to the all time high.

The bull market is not over yet, we’re just getting started. Like, why would people put Ethereum in their wallets if this would be the beginning of a bear market?

I was looking through these on-chain analysis tweets, as they tell a lot more than looking at the price. And for a moment I got scared, because I saw how much exchange inflow there was.

Then I saw that there was much, much more exchange outflow.

My thesis is that whales are sending their coins to an exchange, to scare people out and then the price flies again. I am not sure if this theory is correct, but what I am sure about is that people taking their Ethereum off exchanges is as bullish as it gets.

I think you’re still not bullish enough, be more bullish my friend.

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