ESG & Institutional Bitcoin Investment with Kevin O’Leary

“If you are able to get the institutions just a 1% allocation that’s a trillion dollars worth of buying, so now you’re talking about a million dollar bitcoin…smell the fucking roses, the opportunity is there, you got to get on the bandwagon to solve this problem.”
— Kevin O’Leary

Location: New York
Date: Monday 13th September
Role: Businessman & TV Personality

Fundamental changes are emerging in the way capital is being allocated across many industries. Environmental policies are materialising not from lawmakers but from mandates that originate within companies and institutions.

Trillions of dollars of institutional funds are beginning to see the potential of bitcoin in portfolio construction; however, only if concerns over the environmental impact of bitcoin mining can be overcome.

But is respecting investment mandates a path to centralise the mining industry? Or will environmental compliance drive Bitcoin adoption another order of magnitude higher?

In this interview, I talk to businessman and TV Personality Kevin O’Leary. We discuss institutional bitcoin allocation, ESG compliance, and the changing economic landscape.

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