Do you know stuff about Crypto? Join the Cointest – BIG MOON PRIZES!

It’s real simple. Do you know stuff about Crypto? Can you write a compelling argument for or against a Cryptocurrency?

We need more people to enter the Cointest! A new round is underway and closes at the end of March!

Are you familiar with Bitcoin or Ethereum? Binance Coin? What about Tether – know stuff about Tether? Feel like you could articulate why it’s shit or why you love it?

Solana or Cardano? Do you like em both or hate em? You got what it takes to tell us why?

USD Coin – think it can knock out Tether or will it be a little bitch its whole life?



So if you think you have the stones to write a sensible argument on why they’re good or complete crap, follow the links below!

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE HERE FOR! BIG MOON PRIZES! Each topic can have three winners, which means there’s a total of 10,500 Moons up for grabs! 1st Place — 300 Moons 2nd Place — 150 Moons 3rd Place — 75 Moons Best Analysis – 500 Moons

Remember, there are rules! No copy-pasting people’s arguments. No copy-pasting people’s arguments and then running it through a thesaurus – it won’t work! Try to limit your entries to topics you feel like you have a decent understanding of.

Have fun!

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