Do you feel everything you buy goes down? actually there might be a reason behind it!

For a long time it seems like anything I buy goes to shit. And it seems like I am not alone. But is it just a bad feeling in a very volatile market or is there some truth behind it?

Both! Some only feel that way because their mind cherry picks huge gains. But for others it is not just their imagination. Let me explain:

When we usually hear about a project? At its peak hype. We learn about “winners”. Our daily news feed keeps giving us more and more insight into projects which gained a lots of momentum. So our interest starts at those project’s peak popularity.

Now if we invest ,as they are at their peak, they usually go down afterwards. At least for a while till their next big gain. So after all we might not be imagining things. anything we buy “do” goes done! Because we , as others say, “buy high”.

Is there a solution tho? IMO the best way to avoid this kind of upset might be to wait for the project we choose to exit the hype phase. Don’t worry. If they are actually legit they will go up again.

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