Crypto scammer got in touch with me. He didn’t know I used to be a scambaiter. It didn’t end well for him.

I had often heard that if you mention you are new to crypto, lots of scammers will DM you and offer to trade for you. But the thing is, I hadn’t received any of those DMs so far, and I was looking forward to, because I was once a scambaiter and I missed the good old days.

Well, this “crypto trader” contacted me out of the blue three weeks ago, and I happened to have some free time in my hands. He stole the pictures of some real guy who works with blockchain technologies. He really wanted to talk about crypto, but I tried to deviate from this topic and tried to flirt with him instead. I provided some fake info about myself, and acted like I was very lonely and very happy to finally talk to someone. I wanted to waste his time, but he kept asking about crypto.

Day by day, I tried to gain his trust. I acted very naive and grateful for his advice. I even told him someone had DM’ed me to discuss crypto, and that I suspected it could be a scam. He instructed me to block those people as soon as possible. One day, I asked to do a voice call, but he couldn’t because apparently that would disrupt his crypto signals, whatever that means. He claimed to be from the US, which I’m sure he wasn’t, judging by the way he expressed himself.

He wanted my crypto asap. He was going to trade it for free because he loves me so much. I told him I was going to receive an inheritance in crypto, but that my attorney was the one managing it. I asked whether I should tell the attorney about our “relationship” and how he was going to trade for me. He ordered me not to tell anyone about “us”. Unfortunately for the scammer, the “attorney” would be back around the second week of September. This bought me some extra time to keep wasting his.

I never thought I would end up pulling this off, but what I did has all the characteristics of an advance-fee scam:

  1. The “attorney”, who was the custodian of my crypto inheritance, told me he was holding 2.74 BTC on my behalf.
  2. I went to see the attorney and signed some documents, where I gave him permission to transfer all my crypto to the scammer. I gave scammer a made-up case id and asked him to contact the attorney.
  3. Scammer contacted the attorney but didn’t provide the id. This delayed things (also because I was busy in real life). Id was requested again.
  4. Scammer provided the id and his address for the transfer to take place.
  5. Attoney informed scammer that, to avoid scams, and to pay for administration costs, he would have to transfer 0.05% fee in advance (0.00137 BTC).
  6. I woke up to a formerly empty wallet that now contains the 0.00137 BTC, I couldn’t believe it! This is the transaction.

Now, I have this weird feeling, because I hold BTC that might have been stolen from someone else. I might hold it for a few months and then donate it to the food bank or something, I don’t know. At least I hope he learned a lesson and will devote his time to something other than scamming people.

Here are some images with the highlights of our 3 weeks of interaction:

By the way, Reddit does not allow you to report a profile, all I could do was report the pictures he stole from someone else, and I also warned that someone else.

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