Can’t wait to tell people in a year that I was here during the 2022 bear market.

Many have reacted differently to this bear market. Some left out of sheer fear, some sold a lot out of fear. But one thing is sure it’s not easy to stay here during these times. It’s complete human sense to feel a bit off when you loose something that you worked for. In this case your money.

Those who stayed were people who like buying the dip a lot, which will surely be very profitable in the future. But also others who just like to HODL. I’m a bit of both and that’s about the right mix. Buy when you have the money you can afford to loose else just hodk and watch from the sidelines.

Either way its going to be hell of a status in the future to say that you stayed during the 2022 bear run where we had 25k Bitcoin and a top 10 coin doing – 100%. Indeed very challenging times, but the reward will be very high too.

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