BREAKDOWN: Will DAOs Transform Power in Venture Capital Fundraising?

VCs may lose their position as gatekeepers to startup success.

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In addition to the deep dive into distributed autonomous organizations, or DAOs, and their future in venture capital, today’s “The Brief” covers:

SushiSwap, the decentralized exchange based on Uniswap, is proposing to sell a portion of its treasury to venture firms as part of a broader diversification plan. The community finds itself torn in half over the announcement, with some advocating for the benefits of seasoned expertise and others vehemently denying the need for institutional investors. 

SushiSwap’s “VC-versus-community” debate provides a case study on the growing world and strength of DAOs. VCs have previously held the essentially sole power over the fate of startups, but in the case of SushiSwap, they are now forced to be in open negotiation with the community. 

This power shift presents a window into the vitality of DAOs, stemming from their democratic and global nature, dynamism and anonymity. Will DAOs succeed as the internet native form of organization?

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