BREAKDOWN: What’s Really Behind SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s Crypto Speech

Crypto Twitter cannot decide the impact of Gensler’s comments, while others still push to focus on the infrastructure bill.

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SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s speech at the Aspen Security Conference has Crypto Twitter in a frenzy. On this episode, NLW covers the latest in regulatory action, including:

  • Infrastructure bill update
  • Overall take of Gensler’s speech: hostile or bullish?
  • More concerning crypto opposition

Gary Gensler’s “Remarks Before the Aspen Security Forum

Crypto Twitter has not reached an agreement on the tone of Gensler’s comments. While some claim this is as a catalyst for incoming regulation and the most aggressive stance to date, others saw it as a run-of-the-mill conservative, consumer protection-focused take. 

Aside from securities definitions discussion, Gensler’s comments did point to a Bitcoin bias and an admiration for some of the ideals behind crypto. This outlook contrasts with the negative perception of crypto from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is attempting to shift to a more negative narrative and from Congressman Don Beyer, who recently dropped a surprise comprehensive crypto bill.

Who will be the biggest adversary to crypto with securities, stablecoins and ‘systemic risk’ on the minds of so many regulators?

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