BREAKDOWN: These North American Bitcoin Firms Mined 59% More Bitcoin in July

Growth in North American mining is just one of the things driving a return of a bullish mood across the industry.

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On this episode of “The Breakdown:”

  • Bitcoin mining bump
  • Coinbase’s massive Q2 earnings and more institutional news
  • Crypto tax companies popping up

North American bitcoin mining companies saw a significant increase from the previous month. Contributing to this increase is the downward difficulty adjustment, a built-in and automatic Bitcoin feature that incentivizes more miners to join the network. The adjustment came after China’s crackdown on their miners and a subsequent drop in hashrate. Is this mining success bullish for bitcoin?

Coinbase’s Q2 earnings report revealed a successful quarter with a bigger portion of trading volume attributed to institutional over retail. Additionally, ethereum surpassed bitcoin in trading volume for the first time. Will these trends continue?

With regulatory pressure on the horizon, several new crypto tax companies are being formed (and venture capital-backed) to fill the gap. Crypto presents new complexities for reporting and the tax implications of the U.S. infrastructure bill are imminent. Will these companies be able to find a solution when it’s tax time?

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