BREAKDOWN: Did ConstitutionDAO Shift the Overton Window on What DAOs Can Accomplish?

More than 17,000 people raised over $40 million, but it wasn’t enough.

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Last night the crypto community waited with bated breath to see who had won the first printing of the U.S. Constitution. Despite raising over $40 million from 17,000 people, the ConstitutionDAO was ultimately outbid. In this episode, NLW discusses how the DAO came together, how the bidding went down and how the community should feel about its near miss. 

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“The Breakdown” is written, produced by and features Nathaniel Whittemore aka NLW, with editing by Michele Musso & Adrian Blust, research by Scott Hill and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Adam B. Levine is our executive producer and our theme music is “Countdown” by Neon Beach. The music you heard today behind our sponsor is “Dark Crazed Cap” by Isaac Joel. Image credit: Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images Plus, modified by CoinDesk.

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