BREAKDOWN: Bitcoin Rallies Defiantly as Senate Infrastructure Battle Hits a Snag

Crypto proves to be a formidable opponent as debate in the Senate continues.

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Contention over the crypto provision in the infrastructure bill continues. Today on “The Breakdown,” NLW brings the latest, including:

  • Consensus mechanism confusion
  • A weekend stalemate 
  • The emergent power of the crypto industry

The amendment proposed by Sen. Rob Portman included an odd preference for proof-of-work over any other consensus mechanism. After significant pushback from the crypto community on this specific detail, the amendment was changed to cover all consensus mechanisms. But in a head-scratching turn of events, the amendment was updated once more to include proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, but no other mechanisms.

Sunday came with its own set of blockers, including a conflict around prioritization of the crypto provision versus other legislation that needs attention. Though the weekend brought little resolution, the debate continues and there is still time for a positive resolution. Will policymakers come to an agreement on one of the proposed amendments in time?

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