Bootstrap dat file problem

NOTE: I know this is an old post, but it’s something that plagues anybody who wants to run core.

I used to search high and low for bootstraps … for LTC for Doge, etc. Heck, last year, I think I even paid a small fee in LTC to download the ~40GB bootstrap for Litecoin. This year, when I was putting up my own node again, I dug around but couldn’t find a single one that worked. I just let the damn thing run on my broadband connection, and a couple of days later, it finally synced up… actually, both of them synced up from scratch.

Out of sight out of mind. Completely forgot about it, and a couple days later, it was all done. Mind you, I did this on a PC running Linux that I didn’t need for anything else.

Now that I have mine in sync, perhaps I need to look at how I could get this seeded as a torrent. But for now, just run it… fire and forget. It’ll sync up.