Bitcoin & the Financial Transformation with Greg Carson

“Move glacially slow and design for inevitability, that’s the bitcoin thesis…I think that thesis makes bitcoin hard to beat, it’s hard to beat someone that never gives up, and bitcoin is never going to give up. ”
— Greg Carson

Location: New York
Date: Monday 20th September
Company: XBTO Humla Ventures
Role: Managing Partner

For millennia, technology has shaped society, and sometimes in giant leaps. Whether it’s the invention of gunpowder or connecting our world with the internet, the result is civilisational transformation.

Today, Bitcoin is still a nascent technology, yet it may already be a revolution of value in the digital age. Multiple industries that comprise tens of trillions of dollars may be on the precipice of massive disruption.

So how will this financial transformation play out?

In this interview, I talk to Greg Carson, a Managing Partner at XBTO Humla Ventures. We discuss how technology can reshape society, $20 trillion market disruptions, and Bitcoin’s inevitable design.

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