Bitcoin is Truth with Jeff Booth & Austin Hill

“Human rights don’t come easily, they actually have to be fought for; fought for with encryption, fought for with principled individuals, fought for with giving people other alternatives, and the best alternative is economic sovereignty.”
— Austin Hill

Jeff Booth is an Entrepreneur and Author of ‘The Price of Tomorrow’ and Austin Hill is a cypherpunk & former Blockstream CEO. In this interview, we discuss the unique sense of hope in El Salvador, the loss of freedom, Bitcoin as objective truth and hope, Elon Musk and Twitter.

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What a ride it’s been since I recorded my first show in November 2017. I’m so grateful to all the listeners, particularly those who send their support. Thanks to all the fascinating people I’ve had the privilege to interview: so many great stories, opinions, and advice. Thanks to my amazing sponsors – you enable my team to make what we think is the best show in the market.

And finally, big up to the team, roll on the next 500!

This show is as good as it gets in terms of guests and subject matter. Two major figures within the industry who I’m now lucky enough to call friends. And I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did. They’re as excited about Bitcoin’s opportunities as they’ve ever been.

We speak about their recent visit to El Salvador and the unique and inspiring mood of hope within the country. The media are still dubious about Bukele’s Bitcoin reforms, and the government is dealing with tough domestic and international challenges. However, it is infectious to hear how inspired two seasoned entrepreneurs are by what they witnessed in the country.

Jeff and Austin also talk about the societal issues that Bitcoin is perhaps uniquely placed to mitigate: threats to freedom, not just from authoritarian governments but also from traditionally liberal establishments; pervasive misinformation directed at citizens; and rapid technological changes that will upend society.

This is why Jeff and Austin are bullish that UX improvements have the potential to onboard hundreds of millions more to Bitcoin.

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